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1990 Manitou Hard Tail
1991 Manitou Hard Tail
1995 Manitou FS
1996 Manitou FS
1998 Manitou FS


1988 Manitou catalog:
Manitou  Manitou 
Manitou  Manitou  Manitou  Manitou

January 1988 Manitou Mountain Bike Action magazine article:
  Manitou  Manitou  Manitou Manitou


July 1989 Manitou Mountain Bike Action magazine article:
  Manitou  Manitou  Manitou Manitou


January 1991 Manitou fork:

April 1991 Manitou bike review:
Manitou  Manitou  Manitou

February 1992 fork review:
  Manitou  Manitou  Manitou Manitou

November 1992 bike review:
  Manitou  Manitou  Manitou

From the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame


Douglas Bradbury

  • 1951- Born in West Los Angeles
  • 1956- First Sting Ray
  • 1960-Built first downhill skateboard
  • 1961- Put a Briggs & Stratton lawn mower engine on a Schwinn Cruiser.
  • 1965- First motorcycle, a Honda 90
  • 1969- Graduate from Hamilton High, Los Angeles. Fail most classes except Industrial Arts & Auto Shop.
  • 1969- Compound fractures in arm and leg from desert racing
  • 1970- Lost front teeth desert racing. Quit desert racing.
  • 1971-1973- Motocross racing, California. Want to stay alive, so quit motocross.
  • 1973- Start riding Observed Trials on a Bultaco motorcycle.
  • 1974-1976- Travel on the Observed Trials National Circuit with top-ten placing.
  • 1975- Move to Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • 1976- Win Ute Cup Trials in Colorado. I finally get a win!
  • 1976-1980- Ride Enduros and ISDT two-day Qualifiers Series. Quit to stay alive once again.
  • 1982- Witness idiots on bicycles going over Pearl Pass while on a motorcycle ride.
  • 1984- Attempt first mountain bike ride. Quit that to stay alive. I return to motorcycles.
  • 1985- Cant resist, buy a Ross Mt. Whitney
  • 1985- After crashing more on the bicycle than motorcycle, decide to build a mountain bike that works. Manitou Mountain Bikes is born.
  • 1987-1989- Barely make a living building mountain bike frames, straight blade forks, stems, 115mm front hubs and 145mm asymmetrical rear hubs.
  • 1990- Build first Manitou suspension fork. Tomac wants one, so take one to Tomac and get two speeding tickets and lose license.
  • 1990- Build first Easton prototype aluminum frame.
  • 1991- Anaheim Trade Show, sell out years production in one day!
  • 1992-1997- License Manitou products to Answer Products. Design 5 models of suspension forks, Three versions of the hard tail and two versions of the full-suspension frame. Obtain five patents.
  • 1994- Inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.



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