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Click for more pictures 1985 Fat Chance frame:  17" c-t (medium frame) with a 21" top tube.  Great early Fat with nice paint in an uncommon Fat color.,  Press fit bottom bracket, 1" head tube, Shimano dropouts, 26.8mm post, U or roller cam brake, 128mm rear spacing, 3.2" head tube length, TIG welded (very small clean bead).  Usual scuffs.  As with all early Fats, there is some bubbling under the paint from the sealed tubes (see pictures).  The lower cable stop for the rear brake mount is also cracked in half.  The matching fork may be available on the forks page and, if so, they can be bought for $500 for both frame and fork  $400

Mountain Goat Whiskeytown Racer 2006: 19" c-t (large frame) from the first batch of the "new" Mountain Goats.  Built by Jeremy Sycip out of Reynolds 535 cro-moly tubing.   Set up as follows: actual 23.25 top tube, 5" head tube, 1 1/8" correct for 80mm fork, 68mm bb, 135mm rear spacing, Paragon sliders with hanger (can run geared or single speed), good amount of chain suck and small ding on chain stay. If we duplicate this frame now, it is $1,750 so you can save $1,000!   $750

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Coppi? road frame and fork: Looks to be a high quality frame with nicely thinned lug work.  Dropouts are Coppi.  I am guessing it is a Coppi bike but someone else may have used the drop outs? Serial number is 0864 and the frame is a 64 c-c so it appears to be a very low serial number?  Fork is a generic Tange chrome fork.  Bottom bracket is 70mm Italian and rear spacing is 125mm. Amateur fad paint job.  61cm top tube, Tange Levin headset.  $249

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1970's Fastab tandem frame and fork by Tom Boyden of Garland, TX:  Lugged tandem frame from the late 1970s.  1" head tube, fork included, stoker stem included, uses a timing ring for tension (no pulley), cantilever / V brake compatible, Suntour drop outs, 126mm rear spacing.  Captain is 22" c-c with 22" top tube.  Stoker is 21" c-c with 23" top tube.  Twin boom tubes, 68mm bottom brackets.  Rattle can paint job with overspray. Shipping will likely be around $150   $349

Single Image American Montaneus adjustable head angle frame and fork: One of the more interesting experiments in the early days of mountain biking, adjustable head angle.  There had been a great debate about the best head angle so this bike allowed you change it.  See more details on the American history page .Nickel plated fork included along with the press fit bottom bracket (127+/-).  19"c-t or 20" c-way top.  22" top tube.  Uses cantilever brake front with rear Roller Cam or U brake. 120 rear spacing.  Serial number 1911.  This bike has been pretty heavily used, nickel on fork is worn, heli-coil in rear derailleur hanger, fairly heavy chain suck.  Raw aluminum can be polished up nicely though.    For more pictures CLICK HERE   $395  

Single Image Boulder full suspension frame and Rock Shox fork:  Always one of my favorite FS designs.  The rear shock is integrated into the top tube for a super clean look.  Includes Aheadset, Control Tech stem (135mm+/-) and Ti bottom bracket (127mm +/-).  Serial number 70513, 19" frame c-t, approximately 22.5" top tube (depends on where you measure it), rear spacing 135+,  I am guessing it was repainted at some time and the paint chipped relatively easily.  We had it on display so assume the shocks needs rebuilt it you plan on riding it.  Fork seems to operate fairly smoothly.  Rear has a modest amount of side-to-side play.   For more pictures CLICK HERE   SOLD SOLD
Single Image  1993 American M-16 frame:  17" frame (center-center) or about 18" (center-top of seat tube) with a 21.5" top tube. Canti or V brake compatible, black anodized frame, no decals, beautiful welds, replaceable derailleur hanger. 135mm rear spacing, threaded boss for front derailleur pulley and 1" head tube. Frame has been lightly used and has a minimal number of blemishes and light chain suck marks.   Side shot   Head tube area   Bottom Bracket area   Drop out area   Seat tube    SOLD   SOLD
Single Image  1994 Cannondale Super V frame and fork, full suspension:  19" frame (large).  135mm rear spacing and Head Shok fork.  Polished finish and I polished one spot to show how clean it could be. Head Shok slides freely and the lock out functions.  Rear Fox shock appears to hold air but doesn't appear to function.  Might need some work.  Requires Head Shok specific stem.  Side shot   Rear Shock   Shiny spot   Lock out knob   Fork

Single Image  American replaceable derailleur hanger:  American was one of the earliest manufacturers to offer a bolt on derailleur hanger but they are no longer being made.  We have an extremely limited number of these and have a couple new ones (right side of picture).  Since we have several, they may vary slightly from the picture.  Screws not included. $95  

Single Image  American replaceable derailleur hanger:  American was one of the earliest manufacturers to offer a bolt on derailleur hanger but they are no longer being made.  We have an extremely limited number of these and have a couple of used ones that are still in good usable condition (left side of picture).  Since we have several, they may vary slightly from the picture. Screws not included..

Single Image  1990's Bontrager Race frame:  19" frame (c-all the way top) with 22.25" top tube.  135mm rear spacing and 1" head tube.  Includes rear brake studs, front derailleur pulley and anti chain suck device.  Serial # 9021. Stepped seat stays. Small ding on the underside of the chain stay, rear derailleur hanger has a helicoil in it but works fine.  Side shot   Stepped Stays   Head Tube   Ding   Pulley

Klein Klein Pinnacle frame:  17" frame (c-way top), with 20.5" top tube.  135mm rear spacing and 1" head tube.  Will work with cantilever or V brakes.  Includes press fit bottom bracket with spindle, Shimano headset, original Spinner Klein fork, anti chain suck device.  Paint has a great sine but does have the typical marks and scuffs from use along with a very small shallow ding on the top (tried to take pictures but it barely shows up).  Just add parts. Click on picture to the left to bring up the photo album.  $349  

Zaskar  GT Zaskar Aluminum frame:  19" frame (c-c), 21.5" c-clear top, with 23" top tube.  135mm rear spacing and 1 1/8" head tube.  Includes Shimano Deore XT u Brake, headset cups, seat clamp, bottle cage and one bb cup (didn't try to remove it).  Not sure of the history on this one.  It appears to have been painted at one time but it has been stripped.  There is a GT decal kit that will be included so you could polish the frame and add the decals.  No obvious serial number and the top tube GT cap is flat.  Also has a GT replaceable drop out.  The story that came with the bike was some type of prototype but who knows?  Click on picture to the left to bring up the photo album. 


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We provide a nice sized picture of the parts so you can see exactly what you are getting.  If a part is not usable, we will not sell it (unless it is marked for parts only). 


We do our best to accurately describe the parts and provide a clear picture.  Please make sure the part will work prior to ordering and ask for clarification if you do not understand the description.  We do  not accept returns.


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