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1982 Mountain Goat

1982 Escape Goat

1983  Deluxe

1983 Mountain Goat

1983 Escape Goat

1984 Escape Goat

1984 Whiskeytown Racer

1985 Trials

1986 Trials

1987  Whiskeytown Racer

1987 Escape Goat

1988 Deluxe

1988 Trench Goat

1988 Escape Goat

1989  Escape Goat

1989  Deluxe

1990  Deluxe

1990  Deluxe (Kisses)

1991  Escape Goat

1991  Whiskeytown Racer Lite (Chevrons)

1991  Whiskeytown Racer Lite (Square Boy)

1991  Whiskeytown Racer

1992  Whiskeytown Racer FS

1992 Lombada Goat Tandem

1992 Road Goat

1992  Whiskeytown Racer

1992  Deluxe

1993 Mudslinger

1995  Whiskeytown Racer

1995 Route 66

1996 Mountain Goat BMX

2006  Route 29

2006  Whiskeytown Racer

2006  Whiskeytown Racer

2006  Route 29 #16

2006  F-K-R

2007 Route 29 SS

2008  Whiskeytown Racer Ti

2011  F-K-R



Mountain Goat Timeline



Original William Jeff  Lindsay road catalog form 1975: 




Below is the catalog from 1981 (Dated October, 1981). 



Below is the price and spec sheet for the Escape Goat frame and bike (August 1982)

1982 magazine article

June 1982 ad:

July 1982 Escape Goat announcement:

December 1982 Escape Goat:



Below are the Wholesale and retail price lists for the 1983 bikes.


Two frames are listed, the Mountain Goat and Escape Goat.  The Mountain Goat frame uses the ovalized tubing and features a high level of finish for the fillet brazing.  The Escape Goat frame uses traditional round tubing and lesser amount of finish work at the joints.  The Mountain Goat frame is available with two parts packages: the "Deluxe" and the "Inflation Fighter" (see above scans for details).  The Escape Goat can be outfitted with the "Inflation Fighter" parts group to make a complete bike.

February 1983 ad:

Multi-maker bike review, including a Mountain Goat, from March 1983:




Prototype aluminum frame which would later become the Mudslinger model.  Note the "engine turned" finish and neat seat binder arrangement.  You can just picture Mr. T driving the Mountain Goat van, cant you?  I am guessing the year by looking at the parts that are being used: Duopar Ti derailleur, starfish headset, Roller Cam rear brake and M700 cantilever brake.  It could also easily be a 1985 as well.





Listed as having built 95 frames.



 1986 Cyclist magazine: Whiskeytown Racer review


Don McElfresh at 1986 Nevada City Classic, Team Mountain Goat



Models listed as the Escape Goat, Whiskeytown Racer and Deluxe

     1987 Long Beach trade show booth



November 1987 Bicycle magazine article with several different mountain bikes including Escape Goat:




Models listed as the Trench Goat (70/73, 17.5" stays, Shimano Deore), Escape Goat (70/73, 17.5" stays, Shimano Deore XT), Whiskeytown Racer (71/73, 17" stays, Shimano Deore XT) and Deluxe (fillet brazed, 70/73, 17.5" stays)




Shop pictures from 1988:(L-R) unfinished frames, paint sample stems, baking paint, raw frame w/ Magura mounts





Models listed as the Trench Goat (now Japanese made with Shimano Deore XT), Escape Goat (Deore XT), Whiskeytown Racer (Deore XT) and Deluxe (fillet brazed, Deore XT)


1989 Whiskeytown Racer review from Mountain Biking for the Adventure:

March 1989 Uni Stay from Bicycle Guide magazine:


Paul Price (founder Paul Comp) with the Mountain Goat Cycles gang (Jeff Lindsay, Mountain Goat founder, center), circa 1989:




Models listed as the Golden Goat (copper vein color powder coat, 3 sizes only, 71/73, 17" stays), Escape Goat (70/73, 17.5" stays), Whiskeytown Racer (71/73, 17" stays), Deluxe (fillet, 70/73, 17.5" stays) and tandem



  Couple of small Goat mentions of interesting frame details  

1990 Review of a Mountain Goat Deluxe from Mountain & City Biking magazine.





1991 Catalog: Models listed as the Escape Goat, Whiskeytown Lite, Deluxe and Lombada Goat (tandem)



1991 Goat Gazette:


1991 Mountain Goat Ad:

1991 Whiskeytown Racer S review:


1991 Mountain Goat Route 66 review:


1991 prototype full suspension:


October 1991 Route 66 bike review from Bicycle Guide magazine:




1992 info sheets:


1992 Goat News:

Notice of "Fake" Goats, January 1992:

September 1992 FS Ad:

October 1992 Mountain Bike Action magazine FS review:





Models listed as Mudslinger (aluminum), Whiskeytown Racer, Deluxe, Route 66 (hybrid, city, touring type bike with 700 wheels), and the Whiskeytown Racer FS (full suspension)

April 1993 ad for Granola Bar Bar ends:

September 1993 Mudslinger review:





Altitude Cycling is opened in April by Jeff Lindsay.  The idea behind Altitude was to open a domestic frame maker to compete with the growing import market.  Being based in the USA, gave them several advantages including not having to fly 12 hours to inspect the product and no language barriers. 








Altitude Cycling is listed as having 14 employees and hopes to produce 1,000 pieces per month for companies such as Kona, Voodoo and Alpinestars.

This is the only prototype frame for what would have been the second generation of full suspension Mountain Goats.  The frame was welded in-house using Easton tubing, A Pro frame parts and carbon bell cranks made by former Indy Car racer Ludwig Heimrath, Jr.




Altitude/Mountain Goat Cycles closes shop.




Mountain Goat Cycles is reborn and available exclusively through First Flight Bicycles.  We were given permission from Jeff Lindsay to continue the Mountain Goat legacy.  For current info, check out


From the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame


Induction Year: 1989

Jeffs Mountain Goat bicycles were one of the first hot names in custom mountain bikes. As a rider, racer, race promoter, designer, and manufacturer, Lindsay has continued to provide expertise for the technical development of mountain bikes.

Jeff began road racing in his early teens in 1962 as a junior racer. He and Gary Fisher were in this together, and their association found them years later developing bikes neck and neck. Starting with road frames in 1972, he progressed to mountain bikes in 1981.

Center clamp type stems, braze-ons, and socket type investment fork crowns with the Mountain Goat Logo were Jeffs ideas for furthering the technological aspect of bike building.

One of Lindsays favorite bikes, a premier Mountain Goat is on display in the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Museum.



Mountain Goat Serial Numbers

Year Model Fork Color Size Serial number
1982 Mountain Goat Sand Cast Biplane Camouflage 20" 022082
1982 Escape Goat Biplane Camouflage 20" 2582
1983 Mountain Goat Goat head Maroon and gold fade 20" 1083
1983 Mountain Goat Goat head Two-tone blue 20" 1183
1983 Mountain Goat Goat head Green Smoke 20" 1783
1984 Whiskeytown Racer Goat head Team orange/green 22" 1984
1984 Escape Goat Unicrown Silver 18" 011884
1985 Mountain Goat Goat head Camo w. blue underbelly 20" 0285
1985 Deluxe Goat head (broken) Maroon repaint 18" 0885
1985 Mountain Trials Unicrown Red w/ silver panels 18" 85182
1986 Mountain Trials Unicrown Camoflauge 18" 86121
1987 Whiskeytown Racer Unicrown Smoke 19" ?
1987 Escape Goat Unicrown California Yuppie 19" E190787
1988 Trench Goat (import) Unicrown Orange w/ white/yellow splatter 21" T218812
1988 Escape Goat Unicrown Teal with multi-color splatter 19" 194188E
1988 Deluxe Unicrown Metallic black w/ Hot Rod flames 19" 191388D
1989 Escape Goat Unicrown California Yuppie 17" 171889E
1989 Escape Goat ? Coral Snake 19" 197089E
1990 Deluxe Amp Prismatic 19" D195490
1990 Deluxe Unicrown Kisses 20" D200590
1990 Whiskeytown Racer Unicrown California Yuppie (repaint) 20" W201190
1990 Whiskeytown Racer Unicrown Bamboo (repaint) 20" W201590
1990 Whiskeytown Racer Missing Orange 18" W181590
1991 Escape Goat Unicrown Two tone purple fade 15" E151191
1991 Whiskeytown Racer Unicrown Orange/Green team (reversed) 17" W172191
1991 Sierra Nevada Whiskeytown Racer None Sierra Nevada Team 21" NW210991
1991 Whiskeytown Racer Lite None Green w/ chevrons 18" W182891
1991 Whiskeytown Racer Lite Unicrown Bamboo 21" W213291
1991 Whiskeytown Racer Lite ? ? 19" W195391
1991 Whiskeytown Racer Lite Unicrown Square Boy orange/yellow 19" W197891
1991 Whiskeytown Racer Lite Unicrown Black/white fade (repaint) 17" W181791
1991 Whiskeytown Racer Lite Rock Shox Mag White w/ red chevrons 17" W171591
1991 Whiskeytown Racer Rock Shox Mag Team orange/green (reversed w/ orange body) 17" W172191
1991 Whiskeytown Racer ? Blue w/ pink triangles 18" W181491
1991 Whiskeytown Racer Lite Unicrown Team orange/green 19" W194791
1991 Route 66 None Red/White/Blue 19" R192419
1991 Deluxe Rock Shox RS-1 Dinoflage 18" D183391
1992 Whiskeytown Racer S Rock Shox RS-1 Black, orange panels, yellow splatter 15" 1592W262
1992 Whiskeytown Racer None Green 12" 1292W141
1992 Whiskeytown Racer None Team orange/green 17" 1792W042
1992 Whiskeytown Racer Manitou 1 Team orange/green 19" W1900492
1992 Whiskeytown Racer FS Unicrown Teal, green accents 17" 1792F160
1992 Deluxe Unicrown Nouveau Flames 19" 1992D159
1992 Lombada Goat Unicrown Snake belly 21"/18" L21180490
1993 Whiskeytown Racer Rock Shox Team Orange/Green 17" 1793W094
1993 Whiskeytown Racer   17" 1793W157
1993 Mudslinger None Black 19" 1993M025
1995 Whiskeytown Racer Rock Shox Mag21 Silver 15" MG50135
1995 Route 66 Unicrown Green 20" MG5380
1995 Joule ? Blue pearl 17" MG50042
1997 BMX Prototype BMX Silver   ---  None