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Below are some links that we have found useful over the years.  Click and enjoy!
Memory Lane Classics Good source for balloon tire parts, current Schwinn reproductions, Whizzers, and decals.
Classic Rendezvous Best source for classic lightweight information.
Simpson Motor Bikes Sells kits to motorize new or vintage bikes.
Bogan Restoration Services Specializing in John Deere branded bicycles.
The Wheelmen Pre 1918 bicycles, especially high wheel (ordinary) bikes and early "safety" bikes
Rideable Replicas Reproduction high-wheel bicycles.
Velostuf Vintage lightweight bikes and parts.
Menotomy Vintage Bicycles Large vintage bike site
Charlie Kelly's Web Site Web site from one of the "founding fathers" of mountain biking.  Includes band info and piano moving!!!
Bike Reader Smart humor. Thoughtful essays. Attractive photography, all bicycle related
Pete and Ed Books Great selection of vintage bike related books.
Tricycle Fetish Great information on tricycles.
Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Great info on the origins of mountain bikes and bios of all the "founding fathers".
Hetchins Bicycles History of some of the most ornate vintage lightweight bikes ever made.
Adventure Cycling - how to box a bike Good tutorial on how to pack a bike for shipping
Bike Rumor Great source for current happenings in the bike world
Two Spoke bike forums Bike related forums for most topics
How to box a bike Langley Another good packing resource


Bike Museums

Pre 1930's Museum

Lightweight Bike Museum

Stingray Bike Museum

Balloon Tire Bike Museum

Bike Histories



William Hoefler

Olympic Bike

Original Plastic Bike



"Until mountain biking came along, the bike scene was ruled by a small elite cadre of people who seemed allergic to enthusiasm."  Jacquie Phelan

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