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1989 Merlin


Merlin Metalworks is founded in Cambridge, MA by Gwyn Jones, Gary Helfrich, and Mike Augspurger. Merlin builds its first mountain bike frame for Joe Murray, the reigning National Mountain Bike Champion.


Merlin begins its long relationship with master frame builder, Tom Kellogg and introduces the first 3/2.5 titanium road bike in February 1988.

December 1987 Merlin built Marin article.

Merlin  Merlin  Merlin  Merlin  Merlin


May 1988 Bicycle Guide magazine article:
Merlin  Merlin  Merlin

The Subaru Montgomery Team, including Lance Armstrong, Steve Hegg, and Ken Carpenter, begin a three year association with Merlin and go on to win numerous national titles.

May 1990 Merlin fork:


Merlin introduces the S-bend chain stay and seat stay into its mountain bike line. The S-Bend goes on to be one of the most copied rear triangle designs in the industry.

 February 1991 elevated stay bike from Bicycle Guide magazine:

  Merlin  Merlin

May and October 1991 Merlin ads:
  Merlin  Merlin

June 1991 elevated bike review from Mountain Bike Action magazine:
 Merlin  Merlin

1991 full suspension bike review from Mountain Bike Action magazine:


Greg Lemond purchases Merlin frames for his "Z" Team, and the team goes on to ride the Tour de France on their "camouflaged" Merlins.

July 1992 advertisement:


1993 Merlin catalog:

Merlin  Merlin  Merlin  Merlin
Merlin  Merlin  Merlin  Merlin
Merlin  Merlin  Merlin  Merlin
Merlin  Merlin  Merlin  Merlin


Merlin introduces the first titanium cruiser called Newsboy , to rave reviews.


Merlin rider Rob Kish wins the Race Across America, for the third time, on his 59 cm Merlin Extralight.


Merlin introduces the S & S coupling option on all frames, revolutionizing bike travel for thousands. Roman Dial and friends complete their epic Ride Across Alaska aboard a fleet of Merlin mountain bikes.


Merlin introduces three new mountain bikes offering Cannondale's patented HeadShok front-suspension.

Merlin relocates to Chattanooga, TN. The Agilis, Merlin's first compact road frame, is designed by Tom Kellogg and introduced with the 2001 product line.


Merlin re-introduces the Newsboy with front-suspension, disc-brakes and two sets of wheels. Mark Scanlon wins the Irish National Championship aboard his Merlin XL Compact.

Serial Numbers  

Year Serial Numbers
1988 1 - 59
1989 60 - 139
1990 3518 - 3604
1991 3605 - 6353
1992 6354 - 8150
1993 8151 - 9948
1994 9949 - 10757    C002 - C039
1995 10758 - 11568  C040 - C081
1996 11569 - 13111  C082 - C235     XM 034 - XM268
1997 13112 - 14352
1998 14353 - 16702
1999 16703 - 19096
2000 19097 - 19782



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